I get it. It’s hard to find the right person for the job. Sometimes finding people to work with online can feel like picking a name out of a hat.

To make things easier, here’s what some of the great people I’ve worked with in the past had to say about me. And if you have any questions, just drop me an email on hello@selizabethdaly.co.uk

Shaun Milne, News UK

Sarah is a first class operator with progressive digital skills, a razor sharp news sense, is a creative and innovative strategist and sure footed manager. She was perhaps the most important and pivotal signing for team during my time running digital desk at the Scottish Sun, and remains a trusted source for knowledge, perspective and kicking around the kind of ideas people tell you will never work until you collectively prove that they will and ultimately do.


Ashley Wilks, Penguin Books

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. I first worked with Sarah  at Penguin Books where her copywriting and content creation skills helped shape many successful digital campaigns, emails and websites. Always wanting to experiment with new ways of connecting with readers she worked tirelessly across social media channels and outreach, at one time working through the night on a live campaign. Dedication to, and pride in a job is key with Sarah.

Allan Meldrum, Percepta

Sarah has been an inspiration to Percepta in terms of her contribution to our social media strategy. In reality, Sarah has provided excellent consultancy and creative products for our clients.

Hafiz Muhammad Ali – Founder of Omnicore Group

Sarah has provided us with an excellent Copy-writing service which was tailored to the needs of our Organisation. She Writes like Playing Music. It’s been second time i’ve hired her and definitely will do so in Future.

Anna Mrowiec – Penguin Books

Sarah is a creative, industrious and enthusiastic person to work with. She is constantly working to come up with new ideas, and works hard to see them through.