About me

Hello there! I’m Sarah-Elizabeth and I’m obsessed with helping businesses make an impact online – especially when it comes to digital marketing and social media!

For ten years I’ve been working with some of the most fantastic organisations to help build their online presence and build a community around their business.

If you’re interested in working with me, pop me an email on hello@selizabethdaly.co.uk or have a look at how I like to work with businesses.


You can also book me in for a free half hour consultation. Just head here to choose your time.

Why work with me?

Everything I do is driven by what your audience wants. Trust me when I say this gets results. Not only will your audience become more engaged, but you’ll see your reach and referrals increasing. Every. Single. Day.

I’ve worked with some fantastic clients in the past. Why not have a look at some of the work I’ve been doing, what they had to say and the results achieved?

How do I do this?

I delve deep into your data and build you a strategy that will leave your audience engaged and coming back for more. Even better? I communicate what works for your business online back to you. There’s no ‘smoke and mirrors’ here; everything will be fed back to you and your business, completely jargon-free.

In a nutshell? 

I take the guesswork out of your digital marketing. I also equip you with the tools and knowledge to understand your online business.

I’m extremely lucky to have worked with a wide range of clients in the past including B2B, B2C, charities, celebrities, authors and national publishers.

No job is too big or too niche – but remember the important thing is there’s an audience out there waiting to hear from you and your brand!