The one mistake you’re making on Social Media and how to fix it

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The One Mistake You're Making on Social Media and how to fix it

Social Media is a powerful tool – but it’s how you put it to use that really makes the difference.

I can predict that you’re making this mistake day in day out when trying to communicate to your audience – and what’s worse? You don’t even know that you’re doing it.

Not seeing referrals from Facebook?

Twitter audience not engaging?

I can tell you that all of your problems are down to this one mistake.

Stop thinking of Social Media as the last point in your process, and switch it to the front.

So many bloggers and businesses will write fantastic content, or launch a great product, putting a load of time into crafting their words, creating fantastic images – and then what do they do? They get it out on Facebook. They schedule it in Twitter.

Stop. Stop right now. Your whole strategy needs to change.

Stop thinking of Social Media as an afterthought and make it the FIRST thing you think of before crafting a new blog post, launching a product or trying to sell yourself.

Why should Social Media be the first thing you think of?

Social Media should be at the the heart of absolutely everything you do. Seriously.

Say it with me – Social. Media. Should. Be. At. The. Heart. Of. Absolutely. Everything. You. Do.

Writing a new blog post? How are people going to find it? How are you going to drive traffic to it? I know Social Media is on your list – so why not spend the time on it?

Launching a new product? Where are people going to talk about it? I bet you’re thinking online reviews and testimonials…alright smarty pants – but where do they get shared? Yup, you got it right. Social Media!

There’s nothing more disheartening than seeing a business create something beautiful, something genuinely unique and amazing and then you go to share it on Facebook and their whole Social Media strategy is just plain damn wrong and hasn’t been thought about – guess what I won’t be sharing? Your fantastic new product/post because, quite frankly, you haven’t spent anytime thinking about how it looks online.

This method of changing how you think about Social Media is a completely different mindset – so let’s talk about how you can start implementing those changes.

Starting with just your website, here are three things you absolutely have to do right now to make sure Social Media is at the heart of everything you do.


Forget your own Social Media profiles for now – your website is at the heart of everything you do online. Just where Social Media needs to be, and here’s my top three things that you need to have fixed on your website. There’s OH SO MUCH MORE, but let’s not pile it all on you now:

1. Can your audience find you on Social Media from your website?


Know what I hate? When I come across a website – LOVE LOVE LOVE what they do – and then I can’t find them on Social Media. Yeah, I could search for them, but something else has already got my attention. Make. It. Easy. For. Your. Audience.

Add some follow buttons – and before you think you’ve done a great job putting them in your footer, think again. Make sure that your follow buttons have a prominent position so that your audience can find them.

2. Content on your website – can your audience easily share something they like?


Hang on a second – you expect me to copy and paste the URL onto my channel? Hell no. Get a social share plug in if you’re on WordPress. Don’t run your own website? First off, ask why whoever built your website didn’t include these and then sack ‘em. Just kidding – ask them to implement them ASAP at the top of any content you have and at the bottom as well. You’ll see on here that I have them at the side (never moving) and at the bottom. You’ll never wonder how to share my content on here.

3. Have you set up the correct image to be shared when people share your website?

Nothing worse than sharing someone’s URL for their homepage and it brings through a random tiny picture, no picture or a picture you used on a blog post four years ago!

Get that image set up properly – here’s an example of what happens if you share the URL

Social Media - how to stop making the same mistake

Notice how it tells you exactly who I am, what I do, and why you might want to visit my website? Yup – get that bad boy on your website.

If you’re looking for a plugin for WordPress – use Yoast and implement this in the Social Media settings.

Try running it through Facebook and if it isn’t pulling through, head on over to the Facebook Debugger and scrape it through there a couple of times (keep this bookmarked as well for future use!).

Now that you’ve added and tweaked these three simple things, your mindset is already changing to truly put Social Media at the heart of you business.

If you’re interested in learning how to put Social Media at the heart of your business – sign up below to receive information on my upcoming online course, launching February 2017!

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